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Standart Pills Ch. 02

Eric sat in his bed staring off into space. If he died right now that would be just fine. After all, he had experienced what was the pinnacle for him. Last night he, a scrawny nerdy guy, had fucked the hottest woman he had ever seen - in her ass.

Just around the time that Eric was reflecting on the events of the previous evening his sister was stirring awake. The memories came flooding back for Cassie. *quot;Shit. What did I do,*quot; she said to herself squinting to focus her eyes. But, she knew what had happened.

Eric stretched feeling himself harden at the thought that today would bring another opportunity to have his sister's ass again. *quot;I hope I can last a little longer this time. It went by too quickly*quot; Eric was alone and speaking to no one in particular. Eric laughed to himself as he thought about how he had struggled with whether or not he should do anything sexual to his sister. After what he had experienced he was sure that he had been a fool for even hesitating for a moment. *quot;Idiot!*quot; he thought.

As she was trying to contextualize what had happened and why she acted as she had she began to feel the sensation in her pussy and ass again. *quot;No,*quot; Cassie said aloud *quot;this can't be happening again.*quot; It was though. The need was slowly building and she knew it because Eric was starting to invade her thoughts.

For Eric it was kind of like Christmas. He knew he was going to get a present but he wasn't sure when. He had commanded that Cass would need him to fuck her ass again but hadn't specified when. Why hadn't he specified when?!?

Just as he was thinking about this his room door opened and Cassie entered. She was obviously highly aroused as her nipples showed through her tiny t-shirt and she was running her hands over her breasts and between her legs. *quot;Eric,*quot; she breathed more than said *quot;Eric I need your cock.*quot;

She was in a bad way. Her panties were practically see through at this point. The look in her eyes was animalistic. It didn't help that his boner was tenting his boxers giving her something to fixate on. Then Eric saw something that shocked him -she had literally begun to drool. He felt powerful.

Eric wanted her ass but he also wanted to know what else he could get out of her. He figured in that state he could use her desire to his benefit. *quot;I'll let you have this,*quot; he said stroking himself through his boxers *quot; if you blow me first.*quot; Cassie was hungry for his cock her pussy was on fire and her ass was sending signals of desperation to her brain. She would have done anything to get it in her at that point.

She didn't even bother to answer she just traversed the room, dropped to her knees and fished out his hard cock. The need drove her like a mad woman. She was taking him to the escort kartal balls fully up and down his shaft her head was bobbing.Cassie was sucking him as hard and fast as she could. Eric's balls were contracting already his orgasm was imminent. Eric grabbed Cassie's hair and began fucking her mouth.

*quot;Fuck. I'm gonna cum!,*quot; Eric yelled. He pulled her by the hair so that her face was pressed against his groin her nose in his pubic hairs. He started shooting down her throat. Cassie was having a hard time breathing but Eric was lost in his orgasm and didn't notice he just held her tightly against him as rope after rope shot out of his thick member down her throat choking her in the process.

Tears streamed down Cassie's face as she was assaulted by Eric's cock. She was gagging and the few seconds of air she was able to get just weren't enough. She wondered for a moment if she would choke to death on Eric's cock, his magnificent cock. Cassie realized then that even this brutality was driving her crazy and that she was feeling that sensation in the pit of her stomach again. *quot;Is there anything that he could do to me that won't make me orgasm*quot; she thought.

Finally Eric was done and let go of her. He sat on his bed trying to catch his breath as Cassie fell to the floor trying to do the same. When Eric was able to catch his breath enough to focus on Cassie he saw what a mess she was. Tears were still running down her cheeks, her mouth was covered in cum and she had snot and cum coming out of her nose. She looked like a cheap whore but at the same time - to him - she had never been more beautiful.

*quot;Damn you're fucking hot right now*quot;

It was lost on Cassie though because the need in her ass was all she could focus on. *quot;Need your cock,*quot; she just kept repeating as she moved towards him and attempted to sit on it.

*quot;Cass, it's not read...*quot; She wasn't hearing it though. *quot;Need your cock!*quot; As she squatted over him Cassie reached down and began stroking his limp cock back to life. The stroking helped but the visual of her squatting there her ass in the air over him sent the blood rushing back to his cock.


Cassie awoke looking around to get her bearings. She realized quickly enough that she was in Eric's room particularly when she went to lift herself and discovered that a combination of sweat and their sexual juices plus the time they had been laying like that had formed a weak adhesive between their bodies. As she pushed off her brother you could hear the bodies come apart.

*quot;What is it about you,Eric. Why do I suddenly want you so bad?*quot; she asked herself looking down at her brother's naked body. He was far from hot. He was skinny with uğur mumcu escort very little muscle tone. His cock wasn't very long maybe five and a half or six inches erect - average. She did have to admit it was quite thick though. That wasn't average. She looked down at it. Even limp it was quite fat.

Cassie felt an urge but it was much less powerful than the one from this morning or last night and it was only a feeling in her pussy. Looking at Eric's cock she found herself moving her head closer to it. She tried to convince herself that she just wanted a closer look but once it was in her mouth she knew it wasn't true.

Eric awoke feeling the hardening of his dick. The realization came quickly that the wonderful sensation he was feeling was Cass' mouth swallowing him. He was elated because he knew that he had only commanded her to be desirous of him once a day and the fact that she was sucking him meant this was action taken of her own volition.

Eric stretched a hand down his body. He found Cassie's head and gripped it. Pushing it down he said, *quot;suck it good.*quot;

Cassie was taken off guard by Eric's action. She was happy that Eric wasn't longer because his penchant for forcing her head against his groin would surely choke her to death if he was. As it was his above normal girth made breathing hard enough.

*quot;Oh, fucking suck it you sweet ass bitch. Suck it! Suck it...*quot;

Cassie knew he was close. She was losing it herself. Her pussy was on fire and had begun to quiver. She couldn't believe she was on the verge of another orgasm from sucking his dick. Before Eric she had never felt such a direct connection between her mouth and her pussy. Maybe it was that he pushed her head into his groin like that. She was so close to him that her nostrils filled with the musky smell of his ball sweat and their previous sexual encounter. It was intoxicating. Maybe. All she knew was that whenever he entered her it was pure ecstasy.

Eric's balls began to constrict. His cock twitched in Cassie's mouth. His muscles tightened and his back arched. *quot;Suck! Here it comes! I'm coming, I'm commmiiinnnggg!*quot; His free hand flew to the other side of Cassie's head and pulled her even closer to his groin.

Cassie knew somewhere inside that she should be upset with how rough Eric was being but that part was drowned out by her spasming pussy. As Eric's cock which was pushed to the back of her throat shot loads directly into her stomach her pussy also started to spasm and sent waves of pleasure through her body which each pulsation of his cock.

Eric clenched his ass cheeks as his orgasm subsided. He settled into the bed trying to breath normally. He became aware that Cassie was staring çavuşoğlu escort at him from between his legs. *quot;What,*quot; Eric asked. She stared.

*quot;I don't know what's come over me but you are fucking incredible.*quot; Then Cassie got a look in her eyes that Eric couldn't place. *quot;What the he'll is wrong with you*quot; he asked as she waved a hand at him in a motion as if to say stop. Her other hand went to cover her mouth and she benched. The taste of Eric's cum filled her mouth.

Eric looked down at her, *quot;you know they say good meal will make you belch.*quot; She looked angrily at him. *quot;What? You're the one belching like a drunk. I was just teasing*quot; He might have been teasing but he was right she was like a drunk except that her drug of choice was cum and not alcohol.

*quot;Seriously Eric, what's happening here? We went from you lusting after me to me begging you to fuck me. Is something wrong with me? This doesn't make sense. At least this last time I had some control but last night and this morning it was like it wasn't even me in control. What the fuck is wrong here? And how are you making me cum so easily, you're fucking incredible.*quot;

*quot;Cass, you can't be asking a guy who just ass fucked what's probably the sweetest ass on the planet, twice, to commiserate with you about the problem with doing that.*quot; Cassie flushed a bit at the compliment. *quot;If you ask me, you lost control watching the sex scenes last night and after we had done it realized how good it was for you and you wanted more. What's wrong with that? I'm just happy to be able to make you feel good.*quot;

*quot;Come here,*quot; he opened his arms to her and she crawled up to meet him. He hugged her nakedness to him. It felt good to Cassie despite herself. *quot;It will be okay trust me,*quot; Eric said just before pushing his tongue into her mouth. She was shocked but there was no resistance. Why resist he had brought her nothing but pleasure so far, she kissed back.

Eric's newly revised erection was making use of the lack of space between them by sliding along her puffy pussy lips. Cassie could feel herself starting to want him to push it inside she knew instinctively it would be like the blow jobs, and anal sex and that it would be mind-blowing. That's when she felt the small part other that had been trying to regain some control assert itself, *quot;if he gets in your pussy you will be as hooked on that like you are already on sucking him and letting him ass fuck you. Her eyes grew wide and she pushed back some from his invading tongue.

Eric opened his eyes to see Cassie wide eyed looking fearful. Her dripping wet snatch spoke the story for her. He knew she realized what it would mean for him to fuck her properly. It was OK. He would have her that he had become sure of. He would not push it right now but he was going to use her wonderful ass to deal with the throbbing erection he had at moment.

*quot;Cassie, get up on your knees*quot; When she did he pulled her ass open and unceremoniously forced his thick cock into her not quite so tight ass.
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