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Standart Val's Badminton Ch. 03

For the next week I spent the nights re-living those sessions with Val - half not believing what had happened and half just wanting more. Then it was Tuesday again, so tonight it would be our third session... if it was real.

I'd had a large dinner, which I rushed, so wasn't really feeling like exercising. I'd quickly got changed, pulling on some stretchy white pants that felt very revealing - and easing myself upright as I pulled them up tight. Then my shorts and a polo top, my white socks and trainers and I was done. I pulled on my tracksuit, grabbed my racquets then left the house.

I could feel that delightful tension as I rang the doorbell, then in only a few seconds it opened and Val was there. She was wearing a white v-knecked cardigan and her short tennis skirt, with white short socks and trainers.

*quot;Hello,*quot; she smiled, *quot;I was hoping you might be a few minutes early, as I've got a special new exercising machine for you to try. Come on in!*quot;

I went in passed her then waited in the hall as she shut the door. My eyes were glued to her cardigan as she turned round: it was quite thick, with a ribbed pattern in the white wool and a lowish V at the front showing plenty of pink flesh.

*quot;Do you like my new cardy?*quot; she asked, walking towards me. *quot;It's lovely soft wool even though it looks coarse and rough - just rub your fingers over my arm!*quot;

And she held out her arm so I stroked the soft white wool, feeling my cock twitch as I did so.

*quot;Yes, I thought you might like it, you do like soft clingy sweaters, don't you?*quot;

I didn't know what to say, but made an embarrassed smile and nodded.

*quot;Come on then, my lad, warm up exercises for you on my new machine!*quot; she smiled, brushing passed me and going up stairs. I'd not been upstairs in her house before and it felt somehow very intimate. I just hoped her husband was still away.

She stopped at the landing at the top of the stairs, and pointed out which room was which. It seemed a much bigger house upstairs, somehow.

*quot;Well this is the spare room, with the new exercise machine,*quot; she said, pointing to the room on my left, then there's the master bedroom next to it, then the hobby room, and over there - *quot; she pointed to my right - *quot;is the main bathroom. So if you need to...?*quot; she left the sentence hanging.

*quot;No, I'm fine thanks. Ready for my exercises!*quot; Then I wished I hadn't seemed so forward as she seemed to scold me:

*quot;Well, we'll see about that! - now follow me in.*quot;

The room itself was nicely decorated, with fitted wardrobe and a double bed, so it was a good size for a spare room. The exercise machine was on the floor to the side of the bed. It Betturkey was a kind of grey metal frame, with black headrest and black foam-covered arch of metal.

*quot;Whatever do you do with this?*quot; I asked.

*quot;Well, I'll show you first, and then you can join in.*quot; replied Val, lying on the floor with the arch over her head, and her head resting on the headrest.

*quot;You put your arms on this arch,*quot; she said, lifting up her arms, *quot;Then pull yourself up using just your tummy muscles. It's specially for strengthening your abdomen, from your chest downwards. Just watch!*quot;

And she began to pull herself up and lower herself, lifting her shoulders off the floor. After a few she stopped.

*quot;Phew,!*quot; she said, *quot;It's hard work! But you'll see my muscles working if you just pull my cardi up a bit.*quot;

I hesitated slightly - it was too good to be true - then she continued:

*quot;Come on, Andrew, just lift up my sweater and you can see my muscles as I show you some more moves.*quot;

So I reached down, and knelt beside her, before lifting the bottom of her cardigan, and pulling it up towards her bra.

*quot;That's fine!*quot; she said, *quot;Now I'll just slip off my skirt, because it's much too tight for doing exercises like these.*quot;

So she calmly undid the skirt fastening before unwrapping it, and sliding it off. She lay there with her tight white panties hugging every part of her body, her cardigan pulled up to her chest.

*quot;Just watch as I pull myself up.*quot; she said - but I had no intention of not watching her very closely, and she knew it.

I wriggled my hips gently as I watched her, feeling myself expanding as she moved deftly through the exercises. Her muscles were clear under the slight excess of weight she carried, and the contrast of her pink skin with her tight white panties and soft white cardigan was beautiful to see. And my eyes were glues to the folds of her panties between her legs - so near! After a while she lay back, flinging her arms behind her head.

*quot;Oh, this is hard work! But now it's your turn. While I recover you'll need to take off your tracksuit - and your shorts too. You need to keep loose for this exercise!*quot;

So as I began unzipping my top, she pulled herself into a sitting position before standing up next to me, her tight white panties clinging so tightly to her firm, rounded body and her white cardigan bulging delightfully over her ample breasts. I took off my trainers and tracksuit bottoms, standing in front of her in my top and shorts.

*quot;Now off with your shorts - you know the drill!*quot; she ordered, so I slid them down, half regretting putting on such tight white pants, as my top only covered Betturkey Giriş the waistband, leaving my growing hardness exposed. I saw to my embarrassment a little damp patch at the top of my pants, but then to my relief, my polo shirt flopped down to cover it.

*quot;Excellent - you've certainly got a good body, haven't you - but a bit of flab here I think!*quot; she said, lifting up my shirt and squeezing my waist. *quot; Now just lie down like I did, and get yourself comfy on that headrest.*quot;

I did as she'd asked, then she continued, *quot;Lift up your arms onto the top bar - that's good - and now try pulling yourself up, lifting your shoulders and as you move your arms forward so the headreast lifts off behind you to support your neck.*quot;

She knelt down beside me, showing off her cleavage as she leaned forward, her legs brushing against mine.

I pulled myself up, feeling the muscles working, then glanced down and saw the wet patch on my pants getting larger.

*quot;Now I need to see your muscles at work.*quot; smiled Val, lifting my shirt up over my chest. *quot;You just keep your pull-ups going while I watch you for a few pulls.*quot;

So half shutting my eyes I kept up with rhythmic pull-ups, knowing my cock was arching with each one, and that Val was kneeling right next to me. Then I felt her cold hand on my stomach, and she pressed in to feel my muscles.

*quot;Is it working?*quot; she asked, to herself as much as anyone, as her hand explored my belly.

*quot;Well I can feel something of your muscles, but you do need to work on them, don't you... *quot; and her hand kept up its probing stroking of me, arousing me all the time.

*quot;Well it's obviously working down here, isn't it!*quot; she glanced at my cock, than looked me in the eyes. *quot;You do seem to need a regular exercise between your legs, don't you Andrew?*quot;

And saying no more she just pulled my pants down, exposing my stiff cock to her gaze once more. Then she grasped it firmly. *quot;Carry on with your pull-ups,*quot; she spoke firmly, *quot;I didn't tell you to stop, now did I?*quot;

I gasped as she began to move her fingers forcefully up and down my shaft, but carried on with the pull-ups, my hand gripping the top bar tightly as she began to toss me. Every time I pulled myself up I could see her fingers, gripping me. Then as I lay back so she pulled down hard, forcing my cock harder and longer with each pull. I just knew she was going to have me again and it felt so wonderful, so under her control, that I just kept on with my pull-ups. By now my breathing was getting stronger, and I could see she was getting more into the rhythm of tossing me, her breasts wobbling with her hand movements, forcing my cock even stronger. Suddenly she spoke again. *quot;No, it's no good like this, the machine keeps getting in the way - just stop your pull-ups and let me finish you off. I'm getting much too hot in this sweater, too.*quot;

So I lay back with my arms still clutching the machine bar above my head, and watched.

She knelt up, then quickly unbuttoned her cardigan, from the bottom upwards, revealing her gorgeous well-filled plain white sports bra.

*quot;We can't have you peeking at me, you cheeky thing!*quot; she smiled, *quot;So I'll hide your head under my cardi!*quot;

And with that she took her cardigan off and laid it over my face, before her hands reached down again for my cock and balls.

The sensation of the wool on my face, the soft hairiness and the smell of her perfume and her body were just so amazing. And the practised movements of her expert fingers over my body meant that I didn't really stand a chance.

*quot;Come on!*quot; she urged, as she pumped and stroked my shaft, one hand exploring my balls. Then I felt her hand go lower, and I wanted so much for...

*quot;Open your legs wide now!*quot; she commanded, then I felt her fingers exploring my body back from my balls, slipping between my cheeks while the other hand kept on its tossing motion. My cum was nearly there, when her finger reached my anus, flicking and teasing as she tossed me. With a loud cry I came, shooting cum all over my body - and from her own cry, over her arms too.

She continued her rhythmic hand movements until all my cum was drained out, and I could feel my intense hardness soften slightly as my panting reached its peak.

I felt her move a little, then her cardigan was pulled off my face so I could see her again.

*quot;This was in need of a wash with all my sweat,*quot; she smiled, *quot;So I may as well make it useful too.*quot; and she began wiping her arms. *quot;Where do you get so much cum from, Andrew, it seems to be everywhere!*quot;

Then she leaned forward and wiped my belly and the tops of my legs with her cardigan. The sight of her in just her bra and panties, moving her hands and sweater over my body, caused my cock to stir again.

*quot;No more just yet, young man, we've got some badminton to do first! But I think it's about time you graduated to my senior club. It meets on a Saturday, if you feel you're ready for it now?*quot;

*quot;Well, yes, Val, if it means more training.*quot; I said, my chest still heaving as my heart pounded.

*quot;Well of course - and more adult training too, so you'd better keep all of this secret, you know. If I get any kind of whisper that you've told anyone - anyone - then it will all stop straightaway. Do you understand?*quot; She was suddenly serious, standing up in front of me in her bra and panties.

*quot;Of course!*quot; I replied, feeling a bit insulted. I wasn't going to tell anyone - and if she was going to give me more tossing, what more could I want?
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