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Standart Alison and the Twins


This story is fiction, though parts are inspired by real events. It contains various sexual acts, including but not limited to lesbian sex, watersports, and incest. This is intended for adults, and if you are offended by such material, please do not read. Thanks!


Alison was excited about the sleepover she and a couple of her friends had been planning all week. She was going to spend the night with Becky and Kristen, who were identical twins. Alison had turned 20 only a few months earlier, and twins a few months before that. All three had just finished their first year of college, and were now home for summer vacation. They'd met years ago back in high school when Alison moved to town, and had all been close friends ever since. Alison was bringing a few drinks she's taken from her parent's fridge, since the twin's parents were out of town for the weekend.

She arrived after dinner with hard lemonades, a sleeping bag, some snack foods, her toothbrush, and pajamas to sleep in. Becky answered the door already dressed in a loose fitting shirt and cute sweatpants as though she was ready to go to bed right then, but of course she and her sister had hours of movies, games, and fun planned for the evening.

Becky was about 5'4*quot;, with shoulder length dirty blonde hair, and a slim body. She and her sister had both had been involved in sports throughout their lives, doing gymnastics and cheerleading, with cross country running in the spring. Alison also ran and cheered with them, though she was a little taller at 5'6*quot;, and she was a brunette.

The twins were both thin, but curvy, with wide hips and perfectly round asses. They had large green eyes, and slightly turned up noses. Since their bodies were so close, they often kept their hair in different ways. For most of the past year, Kristen had a shorter cut, in more of a pixie look, and she occasionally would add a little dye to give it a lighter shade of blonde. While the twins always said they wished to be a little taller like Alison, she admired their bodies. Alison was thin, but her taut and perky breasts were not quite as large and round as her friends'. She would look enviously as the twins when they were shower together in the gym after practice back in high school, or when she would catch glimpses while they were changing clothes in a dressing room. Of course, Kristen and Becky would also tell her how much they wished to look more like her.

Alison entered their house, and she and Becky walked right downstairs into their finished basement, to put all but three of the beverages into a mini-fridge. They had a deep, warm carpet, a large comfy couch, an HD-TV with cable, and a desk in the corner where one of the girls had left her computer. Kristen was on the couch, and they greeted each other saying how much fun they were going to have.

*quot;Tonight will be awesome! I just love relaxing with my favorite girls, and getting a little tipsy too!!!*quot; Alison said, having opened one of the bottles.

*quot;Woohoo! What should we watch first? Some TV or a movie?*quot; Kristen asked, starting to flip through the guide on the TV.

*quot;Well, actually I brought one other thing*quot; Alison said with a sly little smile.

*quot;Ohh, what's that you little minx?*quot; Becky asked.

Alison went over to her backpack with her pajamas in it, and took out a DVD binder. She opened it, and announced *quot;one of my brother's porns!!!*quot; with a bunch of giggles.

*quot;Oh my god, Alison! Really???*quot; Becky said, walking over to see.

*quot;Yep! I figured this could be fun to just laugh at, and add a little spice to the evening. Have you guys ever seen a porno before?*quot; asked Alison.

The twins looked at each other and after a moment admitted that they had, and were clearly excited to see what was on the disc. Alison stripped out of her jeans and t-shirt, and got out the soft pajamas she had brought to get comfy in: a button down sleeping shirt and thin sweatpants. Becky was staring at Alison while she changed, and Kristen popped the DVD into the player and started it. Alison was dressed, and sat down between the two girls with a drink in hand, and handed out the other two to her friends. It was summer, so the night was still quite warm and Alison had left most of the buttons on her top undone. Becky's shirt was very loose fitting, and Kristen had on a pink tank top and pair of boy shorts that hugged her hips.

The movie started, and was a pretty standard porn. It began with a man and a woman, then they were soon joined by a second woman too. The three did several positions, with him eventually cumming on their faces. The girls were all single, and made comments about how the actors looked, and how unrealistic it was at various points. They made cooing sounds about the guy, and of course said how the hot this or that was. *quot;Maybe if Rob was built a little more like that guy I wouldn't have dumped him last month*quot;, said Kristen.

The next scene left out the man, and was just three bursa escort bayan different girls. The movie didn't really have much plot to it, but that didn't matter. The three actresses very quickly moved from all kissing each other, to eating out pussies and fingering their asses.

*quot;Wow, this is actually pretty sexy*quot; Alison said, a few minutes into it.

*quot;Yeah, I've gotta say that this scene is hotter than the first one was.*quot; Becky admitted, smiling while staring as the girls on the screen.

*quot;Woooo, yeah, totally!*quot; added Kristen, who was fanning herself while watching the lesbian porn scene.

The next scene was another one with men and women, so the girls turned it off. Becky connected the computer to the TV, and suggested they search out some more girl-on-girl videos while the other two got a few more of the hard lemonades that Alison had brought over. All three were starting to already feel the alcohol since they drank them fast, and were giddy with anticipation of what Becky would find online.

She found a very sexy clip of a few teen girls having sex with each other. It had just started with the other two joined her on the floor in front of the couch, with all three adding in their hooting and laughing while they took in the very hot sex on full display. Alison could feel herself getting quite wet, and tried to casually squirm so as to stimulate her pussy.

The twins also were quite aroused themselves. Becky had sneaked one of her fingers to between her legs but outside of her sweatpants, gently touching her groin. Kristen was wearing shorts, so she was able to snake a couple of her fingers in through one of the sides and actually make contact with her slick clit. Alison went to put down her drink, and noticed what Kristen was doing.

*quot;Oh my god, Kristen!*quot; Alison yelped with a ton of laughter. Kristen removed her hand quickly, but blushed at being caught and all three were soon rolling on the ground laughing, knowing that she was just succeeding at what they all wanted to do!

*quot;Okay, how about a little game of truth or dare, girls?*quot; Becky suggested after they had calmed down a little.

*quot;Sure! We haven't played that in so long!*quot; replied Alison, and Kristen smiled in agreement.

*quot;Okay, I'll start. I choose truth*quot; said Becky, giggling with anticipation.

*quot;Alright, how about this: Was that the first time you've watched lesbian porn?*quot; asked Alison.

*quot;Ha, oh boy, no, not even close to my first time! Sis and I have watched more than few clips! Okay Alison, truth or dare honey?*quot;

*quot;Well, we all know I have to say truth the first time,*quot; Said Alison.

*quot;Ok, how about did you know there was some girly action on that DVD you brought over?*quot; asked Becky.

*quot;Well.... Actually, I did quickly check to make sure it played okay, and also to just see if there was anything particularly sexy on it*quot; answered Alison, blushing a little bit and smiling wide knowing she'd be in part caught.

*quot;OOoooohhh, 'sexy' eh? And by that do you mean some sexy ladies, by any chance???*quot; ribbed Kristen while laughing.

*quot;haha, well, maybe... hahahaha*quot; she said with a growing smile, while avoiding eye contact with the twins.

*quot;Ok, my turn. I'll take truth as well, even though on the first one Becky kind of included me in her answer about us watching porn videos*quot; said Kristen.

*quot;Alright alright, lets see... I can't think of any good ones since I know you too well. You think of one, Alison*quot;

*quot;Ok, ok, umm.... How about, do you own any sex toys?*quot; Alison asked, while looking deep into Kristen's beautiful eyes.

*quot;Hah, of course I do, silly! Here, I'll show you!*quot; said Kristen, getting up to hop over to the desk. She pulled open one of the draws, digging in a little bit to pull a hot pink vibrator out and hold it up for Becky and Alison to see. After a moment, she even turned it on to a loud buzz that sent the girls into a giggling fit.

*quot;Holy shit, Kristen, that's so hot!*quot; said Alison, instinctively holding out her hand, to grab it and feel it in her own fingers. She wasn't thinking, but was surprised by her own actions, as well as by Kristen's to hand it over after turning it off. Alison spun it around in her hands, inspecting it from every angle, then trying to turn the knob on the bottom sending it buzzing. She quickly turned it off, and set it down in the center of them all, while Kristen rejoined the girls on the ground, the three of them making a circle.

Uncertain about who's turn it was next, Becky piped up.

*quot;It's a little bit warm down here. How about we say that I was dared into taking off my shirt?*quot; she said, starting to pull it up over her head. It was an extra big shirt, so it was quickly on the ground leaving her in just a bra and some sexy sweatpants. The other two didn't object, and instead after a moment of gawking joined her. Alison's PJs top unbuttoned easily, while Kristen's tight tank top took a second longer to get past her firm breasts.

All three were now sitting cross-legged an arm's length from gorukle escort each other, topless except for their bras. They were getting comfortable, and each took a moment to stare and compare each other's bodies.

Then Kristen said *quot;well, how about we continue the game. Dare time, girls???*quot; to which they both grinned and nodded in unison.

*quot;ok ok ok, how about this for a dare...*quot; said Becky to Alison. *quot;I dare you to touch Kristen's breasts!*quot; she said giggling, while the other two took a swig of their drinks.

Alison's smile grew even wider, as she agreed and turned toward Kristen in agreement. They both sat up, and moved closer, turning to face each other. Alison reached out her right hand, and gently cupped her best friend's left tit, which more than filled her palm. Without hesitation, she moved even closer and brought up her other hand to join the first one, and she began to kneed and message the plump chest she had stared at so many times before. Realizing that it wasn't doing much good to keep on, Kristen reached back with one hand, and unclasped her bra, letting to loosen, and then sliding the straps off to the side. Alison released her hands so that the bra could fall onto her lap, and then replaced her hands now on the bare skin, feeling and caressing the soft flesh, and then pinching Kristen's erect nipples. She twirled them, teasing and applying pressure to get them even harder, like two pencil erasers, while Kristen cooo'd and moaned.

After a few minutes, she released her friend, staring down to see Kristen's nipples. Becky had moved to the side to get a better view of everything, watching her best friend fondle her identical twin sister, and now looking at Alison's face to see how she was reacting to having felt up another girl for the first time. Now, feeling that they needed to catch up with Kristen, Alison and Becky both undid their own bras and tossed them off to the side. All three were now completely topless, and staring unabashedly at each other's bodies.

*quot;Here,*quot; said Becky, *quot;do you want to compare?*quot; She grabbed Alison's hand and placed it on her right breast, and Kristen took her other hand putting it on her left. Alison was now feeling up two different girls at the same time, but given that they were identical twins she couldn't tell them apart. Becky's nips weren't quite as hard as her sister's, given that they were just now being stimulated, but she quickly caught up. Then, much to Alison's surprise, the twins took to touching each other's free tit, and also grabbed each of her's. Alison was so caught up in the moment that she didn't quite realize that they were now in a circle, each of them groping at another's chest, including two sisters!

*quot;Wow, they're exactly the same! Oooooohhhh wow*quot; she sighed, as a wave of pleasure washed over Alison's body. They released each other and sat back, looking at each other to see who would make the next move.

*quot;Okay, now your turn Becky. I dare you to.... Ha, oh wait, I can't say that!*quot; Alison blurted out, covering her mouth in embarrassment.

*quot;Say what?*quot; asked Becky, turning her head in amusement.

*quot;I was going to say, 'I dare you to kiss Kristen', but I forgot that you guys are sisters. Umm, let's see...*quot; she replied, trying to think of another dare.

*quot;Well,*quot; chimed Kristen, *quot;if that's the dare, then she might just have to go through with it.*quot; Kristen gave a wicked smile to her very sexy twin, who was biting her lower lip and staring back into her eyes. They broke their gaze and turned back to Alison to gauge her response.

*quot;No, that's okay, it was just a goof. You don't have to ...*quot; was all she could reply, before trailing off.

Becky and Kristen smoothly moved closer, in unison, and turned their heads. Their lips met, and they softly kissed each other with their eyes closed. After a few seconds of tender kissing, their lips parted for a moment and Alison, who was staring in utter shock at what she was watching, could see them start to entangle their tongues with one another. Their kissing was still slow and sensual, but their tongues had begun to aggressively wrestle, lips parting every few moments. As this continued, Becky and Kristen's hands were at work on each other's tits, while Alison's own hands were touching her nipples, and working their way down.

As the twins broke off their intimate kiss, they turned toward Alison to see what she thought of their bold move. Her mouth was open in amazement, but before she could say anything they moved closer to her, with Becky putting her mouth on Alison's full lips, while Kristen leaned downward and started licking her breasts. Alison's body was under a full on attack by a pair of very sexy twins. She was rolling her own clit between her right index and middle fingers, and the pleasure was emanating in intense wave after wave from her pussy, pulsing throughout her body. She had never felt like this in her life!

Once Kristen had licked and sucked both of Alison's nipples to plenty of pleasure, she moved her bursa merkez escort bayan body lower, kissing Alison's smooth and flat stomach. Alison had slumped back and was now lying on her back on the soft, deep carpet of the twin's basement. Becky moved to straddle her body and push down her warm sweatpants, all the while never breaking her kissing with Alison, each of them running their hands through the other's hair, and sucking on their tongues. Kristen slowly, but surely, took to taking off Alison's pajama bottoms, revealing the thong she was wearing underneath. The girls had spotted it earlier when Alison changed into her sleepwear before, and now Kristen was face to face with her best friend's bare legs and sopping wet underwear. Before diving in, Kristen took off her own shorts, and if either Alison or her twin were looking they'd notice that she hadn't been wearing underwear this whole time!

Kristen was now completely naked, while her twin Becky was on top of her best friend Alison, making out with a deep passion. Kristen moved her face up and down Alison's long, slender legs, kissing and licking each part as she went. Figuring she was sufficiently teased, she started to hone in on Alison's inner thighs, alternating from left to right every 10 or 15 seconds, and careful not to quite make contact with Alison's thong clad slit. Wanting to wait just a moment longer, she opted to begin with putting her right hand on Alison's groin, and moved to poke her head around the hips of her sister so she could watch the two of them kiss. They broke off for a moment and smiled looking at Kristen, who was so happy to see them enjoying each other. Alison was out of breath, and after a little gasping looked up at the two twins that were enjoying her body.

*quot;Have either (gasp) of you (gasp) ever ... done this (gasp) before???*quot; she asked, not even quite sure herself what she meant by 'this'.

The two twins giggled and grinned very wide, looking at each other for a second, before Kristen said, *quot;yes, but only with each other!*quot;

Alison was ecstatic with pleasure, and since everyone seemed to be enjoying each other, she didn't say another word. Becky leaned back down to resume kissing and fondling Alison, while Kristen, who's fingers were now extremely wet with Alison's sex, began to remove her thong and replace it with her mouth. Alison had shaved herself just that morning, so her slit was completely hairless and smooth. Kristen's expert tongue tenderly lapped at her friend's pussy, coaxing it open more along with her legs. Alison's juices were flowing, and she instinctively bucked her hips up into Kristen's mouth and Becky's groin, who was grinding against her abs. As Kristen licked her up and down, she would take a moment to suck on Alison's swollen clit. She eventually settled on a rhythm that was driving Alison wild. First she would suck her clit and hood while running her tongue in and out, then she was flicking her clit from side to side, while two of her fingers were inside Alison, masturbating the front of her pussy.

After just a couple minute of this motion, she had Alison moaning, gushing, and cumming hard all over her fingers and mouth.

To let her relax, Kristen moved away from Alison and sat up, smiling as wide as possible. Her twin and friend had now stopped making out and were both turned, looking at her glistening face, wet from introducing her friend to lesbian love. She moved forward to kiss Alison, who was hungry to taste what her own pussy was like off her friend's tongue. It wasn't unfamiliar. Alison had a time or two before tasted her own fingers after playing with herself, but this was far more intimate and sexual to now be lapping it off the lips of another woman. After she'd given Alison a bit of what she wanted, she moved towards her sister to give her a sample of their friend's body. Alison again watched in amazement at the spectacle of seeing her best friends engage in incestuous lesbian passion. When their kiss broke off, Alison asked how long they'd been doing this.

*quot;A few months back we started to play around. We figured it wasn't really any different than masturbating since we're twins. And so as soon as it was clear we were both attracted to women, we started to experiment a bit. We had noticed you checking us out in the showers and little looks here and there, so we figured this sleepover could be a fun way to break the ice!*quot; answered Kristen, who's face was still moist from chin to nose.

*quot;So, enough chatting. What do you want to try next?*quot; Becky asked Alison, who quickly crawled over to her and planted a huge kiss on one twin, then the other.

Becky laid down while Alison got down between her legs. Becky was the only one at this point who still had on her underwear, and pair of lace booty shorts that tightly hugged her silky smooth skin. Alison pulled them off, showing her friend's beautiful labia and swollen clit for the first time. She'd never been this close to another naked woman, and was very curious to take a look before starting. Becky kept her pubic hair trimmed, which was also blonde like her hair, in a short, tight V. She always kept her bikini area in perfect check, which wasn't too hard since both the girls had barely any body hair as it was. Her pussy lips were extremely wet from all of the evening's events, and the smell was instantly intoxicating to Alison.
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