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Standart Wartime Comfort House Day 02: Hairy

(This wartime story is entirely friction. If you dislike any reference to violence, stop reading please.)
I was the Commander of the Japanese Imperial Army stationed in occupied Shanghai during the Empire of the Sun conquest. Born in a honorable military family, I was destined to become a great general. Having quenched my thirst yesterday with Maple's milk, I am curious of Miss Yamaha's progress with my local bride today.
Day 2 - Hairy Big Round Ass
I walked into Miss Yamaha's room to listen to her progress with the pretty virgin. She bowed as usual but appeared uneasy. 'General Tanaka, she is very scared and really weak. But I've examined her hymen to be intact. She said she had never seen a men and is very afraid. I have to work on her slowly since you want her to be your local wife. I hope that is acceptable.'
'What? I am disappointed in you. I give you 3 whole days and you want to slow down? You must find a better way!'
'Sorry General Tanaka, I will certainly do better. What would you like today instead?'
'I am disgusted. Prepare April's butt for me then.'
'Right away General!' Sensing my anger, she dropped her head, bowed and quickly backed out of the room.
April was a 23 years old Filipino woman with the biggest tits (DD ) and ass we had. She was captured and obviously her husband did not survive. I kept her for my anger release. While waiting, I meditated until I heard their footsteps. Miss Yamaha came in bringing the naked April and hooked the bondage cuffs around her arms and legs to the large posts in the room. April had a longer arm chain so she could bend forward to present her big round ass for my penetration. Her legs spread ankara escort wide and kept stationary by the cuffs, displaying the thickest bush I had ever seen.
I stepped forward to fondle those huge firm tits and starting squeezing and twisting her large dark nipples. April whimpered but looked down, avoiding my eyes. She knew the routine. 'General Tanaka, April's rear channel was cleared today and is really well flushed just now. Anticipating your desire, I did not feed her anything solid since yesterday afternoon. Her other channels are rinsed clean also.' Miss Yamaha knew me well, I liked her.
She took off my boots and carefully removed my uniform and hang them neatly. 'General, would you like me to get your ready?'
'Do it!' She kissed and licked behind my ears, down my neck, my strong pecs and flicked her tongue on my nipple. She knew my sensitivities. Her hand drew circles on my other nipple as I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensations. Yuko reached down to unfold my fundoshi cloth (underwear), exposing my expanding manhood. 'Yes I want you to prepare me!'
Yuko took my shaft, gently rolled back the foreskin to expose my big red mushroom. April bent down, opening her mouth, sticking her tongue out as Yuko placed my expanding manhood on her tongue. April closed her mouth around my glans and sucked hard, her tongue working around my foreskin and glans. Miss Yamaha taught her well. Yuko stepped behind me to again suck, then lick behind my ear, her hand gently teasing my nipples. I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensations.
I grabbed April's hair to fuck her mouth, going deeper each thrust down her throat. Yuko wrapped her hand around my balls to massage mersin escort and gauge my readiness. When my sack pulled up and tightened, she pushed April's head off to let me rest. We walked behind April, I grabbed her gigantic tits, squeezing hard and pulling her big brown nipples out couple of inches.
Yuko started rubbing April's clit, split open her fat pussy lips and slipped 2 fingers inside to check her wetness. Then she guided my throbbing manhood into April's tight warm vagina. I thrust ball deep, pushing against April's soft landing and paused. April was trained to squeeze her vagina floor muscle, which I enjoyed. Her contractions were among the best. After a few minutes, I began pounding April hard, my sack slapping her fat clit. My glans nailing her cervix, with her fat ass compressed each time. April started panting and moaned loud in response. That was one reason I kept her.
My collections were well fed and kept in much better conditions, separate from the rest of the servants. They had to serve me anytime I want, so unlike other officers, I did not want mine pregnant. I did not want forced abortions to damage the goods. A Samurai warrior has great control. But I let Miss Yamaha monitored my sack because it was a test of her alertness and I knew she enjoyed intimate contact with me.
Yuko pushed April off my manhood just at the right moment and turned April's upper body around to face me. I thrust my throbbing rock into April's waiting mouth. Thrusting hard and deep for another minute or two while grabbing the thick bush under April's armpits to keep her in place, I grunted and shot all my seeds down her throat. April had mastered controlling her gag izle reflex and swallowed every drop. My manhood was still strong as April swirled her tongue around my shaft and built up suction again.
Miss Yamaha gently rubbed my balls and shaft to confirm I was ready again. Then she slapped April's buns very hard many times to get the circulation going. The deep red finger prints on April's light brown cheeks confirmed Yuko had been practicing her martial skills too. April knew the rule to not cry out loud. Yuko rubbed scented massage oil on my throbbing manhood while I set aim at April's rosebud.
As my red mushroom head slipped pass April's muscle ring I pushed in ball deep. I howled as I anal fucked her big round ass at high speed. April screamed each time I slammed into her fat ass full force. Her round bouncing ass was indeed an exceptional sensation and sight. I squeezed and pulled her big long nipples and grabbed her huge tits as leverage. I felt almost like I was pushing the limit of my martial arts training. Sweat flowed down my body wet the floor all around me.
Yuko sensed my vigorous pounding might damage April so she stepped up to lick, suck and play my sensitive nipples and slipped a lubricated finger in to massage my prostate. She was the one with the expertise and allowed to service me this way. Yuko then caressed my sack at the same time until it tightened and squirted deep inside April's bowel.
Yuko unhooked April's hand cuffs and she collapsed on the floor panting, shaking, sobbing, tears all over her face, my seeds leaking from her rosebud. Yuko kissed my lips and smiled 'General, you are extremely powerful today! I hope you are satisfied with my apology.'
'You have done well, Miss Yamaha, I accept your apology.'
She carefully wiped my softening manhood clean with a scented oil soaked cloth and said 'General, would you like me to give you a full bath?'
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