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Standart A Student Knocked On My Window

I had a lot of trouble sleeping that summer. It wasn't just the heat, although that was mainly it. My boyfriend Duncan and I were living together at the time and things between us were tense. I had been accepted to Graduate school and was preparing to start the semester in September. We hadn't really talked about what that would mean for our relationship judging that the school I was going to attend was on the other side of the country. I assumed we would live out the summer together and then part ways, but, obviously, there was something bothering him and he refused to talk about it. This was annoying to say the least.
Duncan had taken up a new and very demanding job about four months prior. I tried to be supportive but he became increasingly difficult to deal with on a daily basis. He was constantly moody, passive aggressive, cynical, and sexually uninterested. He always went to bed early, basically stopped wanting to go out with our friends, gained a little weight (just a detail), and got mad at me for not wanting to spend my last summer in town entirely indoors.
I taught Physics at the local high school for two years and finished up my final semester around mid-May. It was a difficult decision to leave because I loved my job and adored my students. But I knew going to Graduate school was the best decision for me, since I wanted to eventually start teaching at a university. Despite having a good idea as to what I wanted to do with regards to my long term goals, leaving that job was one of the hardest choices I've ever had to make.
Male students consistently flirted with me at school. I can guess why. I turned 27 at the end of my last semester there and was one of the few teachers that wasn't born in Jurassic era. At first it was a bit weird for me, but I started to become more intrigued by the seniors on the hockey team. They were all 18 and tended to be way more physically mature than their peers. I didn't exactly flirt back (or at least I didn't actively try to), but I found myself enjoying their company after class, especially one student named Joaquin.
Someone once told me that any teacher who is ever tempted by a student should do one thing: just let the student keep talking and then you'll realize just how young they are and the attraction will go away. And this is absolutely true. Male students have a great way of intriguing an older woman and then destroying that intrigue because they don't shut up and reveal their age and immaturity. This proved to be very useful, except in a few cases.
Joaquin was a little too smart for his age. And extremely mature for it too. He was 18 going on 25. Both of his parents were doctors and he was fairly well-to-do. He had a reputation for being a player and rumors about him spread around the school. I never investigated what the female students said about him, but they never seemed to stop talking about him when he wasn't around. I knew his type. He knew he was super gorgeous, charming, capable, intelligent, and he used it all to his advantage. But I also have to say that he was indeed a gifted student. He really was exceptional. I was impressed escort london that he could discuss science with me for hours. I gave him a hug at his graduation and told him I was leaving the school to get a Graduate degree. We wished each other the best. He asked for my Instagram handle and I figured it would be fine since he was now graduated and I wasn't teaching him anymore. I told him I would give it to him as long as he kept it to himself. I didn't want my handle getting out there. He agreed.
We texted back and forth on Instagram. It was actually kind of fun for me. It was refreshing since Duncan was being such a pain. Joaquin was still trying to be a flirt while we texted. I just smiled and rolled my eyes, even though I was very flattered by it. He asked me to come out with him a few times, but I declined each time. I always made up an excuse and told him maybe next time.
One night in mid-July I was sitting at my work desk (located in my office at home) in the middle of the night. I was finishing up some random paper work. It was close to 2am and it was scorching hot outside. We had the air conditioner on full blast, so I was wearing a long flannel shirt with nothing but white panties and a white bra. Duncan was asleep in our bedroom since he had to work in the morning. As I was filling out some tedious documents, I heard a light knock on the window. I yelped, covered my mouth, turned around, and saw Joaquin tapping the window of my office. I knew it was him immediately which made me feel relieved but then quickly upset.
I walked over to the window and quickly opened it. I sort of intensely whispered/yelled at him:
*quot;Joaquin! What the hell are you doing here?!?*quot;
*quot;What's up, Ms. Bee? What are you up to tonight?*quot;
He had that confident grin on his face and I noticed right away that he wasn't staring at my face. I then looked down and saw my long flannel shirt was open and totally unbuttoned. He had a full view of my tight, petite frame covered only by my bra and panties. I gasped and covered myself up.
He smiled at my panic. *quot;Don't cover up, Ms Bee. You look good.*quot;
*quot;Joaquin, what are you doing here?*quot; I said, sternly.
*quot;I was hoping to talk to you for a minute. Can I come in?*quot; He said this with a lot of confidence. I looked back in the direction of the bedroom where Duncan was sleeping. I prayed he didn't hear me and my former student talking at my office's window.
*quot;It's almost 2am! My boyfriend is asleep in the other room. This really isn't a good time for you to be here. You need to go.*quot;
He looked disappointed, but he didn't give up. *quot;Can you at least meet me out front? Just for a few minutes. Meet me out front by my truck.*quot;
Before I could respond he started walking away. I was upset, but I have to admit that I was super compelled. It was a ballsy gesture. And I have to admit that I wanted to know what he wanted. I quickly buttoned up my flannel shirt and walked quickly, yet quietly to the front door. I found some flip flops by the door and slipped them on. I then found a random hair tie and tied by hair back after I opened the front dubai escorts door. Sure enough, I found him getting into the driver's seat of his large pick up truck.
It was late, so the street was empty. It was hot as hell. The flannel shirt wasn't doing me any favors. I felt myself start to sweat a little, even though I had only been outside for a few seconds. I walked over to his truck not knowing what to expect. He gestured for me to get into the passenger seat. So I did.
To say I was being naive at this moment is an understatement.
The car was off, so the air conditioning wasn't on at all. He asked me if I would like it turned on, but I said no since I was afraid that might lead him to taking me on a joy ride or something. I inquired as to what he was doing at my house and why he chose to come in the middle of the night. He turned on his charm right away.
*quot;Are you not happy to see me?*quot;
My arms were folded. I tried to stay stern but I ended up smiling and rolling my eyes, then blushing.
*quot;There's that gorgeous smile, Ms. Bee!*quot;
He was wearing a dark, stripped purple dress shirt and black pants. He might have been out clubbing earlier that night for all I know. Needless to say, he looked good. Like, really good. We got to talking a bit. He started telling me about how he was slightly nervous about leaving home. I didn't quite know what to say other than the obvious, but then he started going into how much he loved my class and thought I was the best teacher he ever had. He said I was really special to him. I told him he was one of my favorite students, which made him smile. He went on to say that he was disappointed that I turned him down when he asked me to prom. I kind of laughed and told him that it would have been impossible given the circumstances.
*quot;Would you have said yes though? Had you been a student? No use in lying now.*quot;
I hesitated. I knew this was going into tricky territory. I closed my eyes said, *quot;Jesus, it's so hot tonight!*quot; I then unbuttoned the top two buttons on my flannel shirt to air out my chest a little.
*quot;You didn't answer my question,*quot; he said with that confident grin. I closed my eyes and sighed heavily. Then, before I could answer, he leaned over and kissed me on the lips. He pressed his lips against mine perfectly. Just enough to convey his passion and tenderness. I gasped, but then started moaning into his mouth as we made out. It was a beautiful first kiss. I put my right hand on his face as our tongues met. Clearly, he had a lot of experience. He was an excellent kisser.
He then started pressing harder. I responded with the same passion. I felt his hands start to explore my body: first my hips, then my stomach, then my breasts, and then he started to undo the rest of the buttons of my flannel shirt. He quickly got them all undone and opened it up and started cupping my breasts over my bra.
*quot;Wait. I don't know If I can do this. I don't...*quot;
At that moment he pulled my bra down and put his mouth on my breasts and started to suck on it. I immediately started to moan. I closed my eyes and laid back in ecstasy as he Escort Dubai sucked on my perky tits. He kept telling me how beautiful they were, how gorgeous I was, and how he had always wanted me. He continued to suck on my breasts as he slipped his fingers down my panties and started to play with my clit. I was in heaven.
I lifted his face back up to mine and we started making out more passionately. I moaned into his mouth as he slipped my panties off. I started to undo his belt after we made out for a few more minutes. I helped him push his pants and boxers down to his ankles and my eyes widened when I saw his very sizable cock. I grinned as I grabbed it. I started to jerk him off slowly. I bit my lip and smiled when I saw his eyes roll into the back of his head. I then licked my palm and started jerking him off harder. I did this for a minute or so before I went down on him.
He covered his mouth with his hand to drown out the sound. The windows were already starting to fog up and I kind of giggled at it. It seemed like he was about to ask what I thought was so funny, but he ended up just succumbing to the pleasure of me teasing the head of his lovely Latin dick with my tongue. I jerked him off as I started sucking his cock, which he kept telling me he loved. I told him he had a beautiful cock.
Joaquin helped me slip off my flannel shirt as I went down on him further and further, which felt so nice since it was so fuckin' hot. He then unhooked my bra which was barely hanging on anyway. He unbuttoned his shirt but didn't take it off. I got a nice look at his powerful and muscular torso. His cock got harder and bigger in my mouth. He was bigger than Duncan and I even told him so. He liked that. I told him I hadn't been fucked in weeks and he said, *quot;We better take care of that, then.*quot;
I grinned and quickly straddled him. I grabbed his cock and guided it into my tight pussy, which was soaking at this point. It felt overwhelming. I kissed him to drown out the volume of my moans. He felt so big inside of me and it was beyond amazing. Not only did it feel naughty, he genuinely knew how to fuck. I was able to ride him hard and fast. He kept whispering to me how sexy I was, how gorgeous my body looked when I was naked, and how he had always dreamed of fucking me. He made me confess that it had crossed my mind too, especially since he graduated.
I rode him harder and harder until neither one of us could think straight. He asked me if I wanted him to pull out but I told him to cum inside me. I was on the pill, so it was fine. Seconds later he did. He stayed hard for a good while even after he came, so I slowly kept riding him. Eventually, I climbed off of him and sat back in the passenger's seat. I looked over at him and he seemed like the happiest guy in the world. He probably was.
We chatted a bit more before I got dressed. He asked if he could see me again and I said it probably wouldn't be a good idea. He was a little heartbroken, but he told me he understood. We made out again before I said goodbye.
I found myself stumbling a bit as I walked back to my house. I turned around and waved bye to him one last time before he drove off. I went to the bathroom and took a long hot shower. I touched myself as I thought about Joaquin fucking me again. That's when I came. Eventually, I got to bed. Duncan hadn't moved an inch.
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