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Standart An accident going bad.

An accident going bad.I went to the mall recently to get some things I needed for an upcoming beach vacation I was planning. It was a typical mall that we have in the US with big name anchor stores and 50 or more small shops inside the mall. I was in one of the big anchor stores looking for luggage. I also thought I would check out the sunglasses. I saw some transition sunglasses that change based on the amount of light. I knew they had transition eyeglasses but I never knew they had transition sunglasses. It was a really nice pair with actual glass lenses instead of plastic. They had spring loaded frames so it would fit better and also glare proof. I was shocked to see the price of $59. I never paid $59 for sunglasses in my life. They were so comfortable, I couldn?t resist. I decided to buy them. Since they don?t have shopping carts in those big name stores, I just left them on my head and pushed them up to my hair. I then proceeded to the luggage department and found a nice bag that would work for me. I also found a beach towel. Not one of those lightweight towels but a really thick soft beach towel. Of course it was expensive but I figured it would last forever. After a while I proceeded to the cashier to pay for all my treasures. I then went out the large door that goes into the mall. Just as I walked out, a very large African-American gentleman called to me. I thought he was talking to someone else but he was staring right at me. I asked, ?are you talking to me??He replied, ?Yes. You need to come with me.?I asked why, what was this all about,.He said. ?Shoplifting, follow me.?I said, ?You must be mistaken I wasn?t shoplifting. I have a receipt for everything I bought?He reached to the expensive sunglasses on my head, pulled them off and said, ?Show me the receipt for these/.?I said, ?OMG I forgot they were there. I was intending to buy them.?He said, ?Follow me.?I was a bit nervous because how this looked. I followed him to a small office in the back of the store. Trying all the way to explain that it was an accident and I just forgot they were on my head. He didn?t respond and didn?t look like he believed me. When we got to the office, he asked me for ID. I handed him my driver?s license. He started typing in a computer and said, ?Let?s see how many other times you ?forgot? to pay for something.? His sarcastic tone saying the word ?forgot? made it clear he didn?t believe me. When he didn?t find my name on whatever he was looking at he said, ?So this is the first time you were caught.?Once again I proclaimed my innocence.He said we can do this one of two ways. You can cooperate with me or I can just call the police and let them deal with you. And this store makes sure shoplifters are prosecuted to deter others from doing it.?I said, ?There is no need to call the police. I will cooperate.?He said, ?Take your shirt off and hand it to me so I can see what else you ?forgot? to pay for.?I was getting a little irritated with how he kept being sarcastic with the word ?forgot?/ I removed my shirt and handed it to him. He turned it inside out and examined it completely. I was thinking this guy takes his job too serious. He said, ?Now the shoes.?I said, ?Is all this really necessary??He said, ?Who knows, you may have forgotten to pay for those shoes your wearing. bornova escort I need to check them out.?I removed my shoes and handed them to him. He looked inside the shoes and the bottoms and decided they were really mine. He said, ?Now remove your jeans.?I said ?I can just empty the pockets?. He said, ?Off.?This was strange over a $59 pair of sunglasses but I lowered my jeans and handed them to him. He said, ?Do I have your permission to look in your pockets.?I said, ?Go ahead You won?t find anything.?He examined every pocket and turned my jeans inside out checking the stitching as if I was a big time d**g smuggler.When he was satisfied that nothing was hidden in my jeans, I thought this was about over until he said, ?Now the underwear.?I said, ?You can?t hide anything in underwear.?He said, ?I?ve seen other try, now drop them.?Unreal, I was being strip searched over a $59 pair of sunglasses. I lowered my shorts and handed them to him. He looked at my naked body and smirked a stupid ass grin. I said, ?what?s so funny??He said, ?Now I know why you didn?t want to remove your underwear. You have a tiny dick.?I blushed and tried to cover up with my hands. The nerve of this bastard. Making comments about my size after making me strip. He examined my underwear and turned them inside out too. He said, ?Now stand up.? I stood up still covering my private parts. And then he said, ?turn around and lean over the table then reach back and spread your cheeks.?I said, ?You have got to be k**ding. This is stupid. I don?t have to put up with this.?He said, ?You?re right Mr. T. We can just let the police handle it all. Go ahead and get dressed since you are not going to cooperate.?I almost asked the bastard if he was enjoying this but I figured I better not anger him. I turned towards the table, bent forward and reached back with my hands to spread my ass for him. He said, ?Stay right there and I heard rustling going on behind me. The next thing I know I feel his finger going in my asshole. Not real gentle like but forceful. And deep. This was the most humiliated I have ever been. Here I am having a cavity search done on me over a stupid pear of sunglasses I forgot to pay for. His finger was exploring around inside and going deep. I never had anything in my ass. It was a strange sensation. He pulled his finger out and said, ?Turn around.? When I turned around I saw that he was wearing plastic gloves. ?He said, ?Look how dirty my finger is. You should clean yourself better.?Now I was convinced he was doing his best to humiliate and degrade me. I was blushing all the same. He said, ?Why is your tiny dick hard? Are you a faggot? You like your little boy-pussy played with?I looked down to my shock, my cock was hard. What the fuck? I was humiliated why would I be hard? I said, ?I?m not gay. I?m married and completely straight.?He said, ?I tell you what faggot, I will process your name in our computer and you can pay for the sunglasses and leave, right after you suck my cock.. I want to see how big of a faggot you really are.?I was shocked. I said quite defiantly, ?I am going to report you. You are going to get fired for this you cocky bastard.?He said, ?It will be your word against mine. Who are they going to believe? A shoplifting disgruntle person who escort bornova is upset he got caught or me and my spotless record over 5 years doing this. But hey it?s up to you, I will just call the police.? He started reaching for the phone. I started to panic. I went through all this just to be arrested anyway? I said, ?Wait. Please?He didn?t put the phone down and said, ?please what??I said ?Please don?t call the police.?He said ?After that smart ass comment about turning me in, now you are going to have to ask me nicely to suck my cock.?A thousand thoughts were going through my head, The main one was could I actually put another man?s cock in my mouth. I was caught like a deer in headlights. I needed to get this over with without involving the police. I lowered my head and said, ?Can I suck your cock??He said, ?I don?t think so. You can do better than that.?The bastard was pushing all the humility he could get. I said, ?Please may I suck your cock.?He said, ?Well since you really want to, I will let you. Unzip me and get it out.?My hands were shaking as I reached for his zipper. I was trying to think of any way out of this. I reached into his pants and felt a warm soft cock of another man. As I pulled it out, I was surprised how dark it was and also how big it was. He said, ?On your knees faggot and get to work.?Nothing could ever top the humiliation I felt going to my knees. His cock was staring me right in the face. I was hoping something or someone would rescue me from this humiliation. He said, ?Start sucking, we don?t have all day.?I used my hand to guide his cock into my mouth. It felt so smooth on my tongue and hardly noticed any taste at all. He put his hands on the side of my head and said, ?Suck that black cock, cocksucker.?Being I never did this before, I wasn?t quite sure what to do. I saw in porn how they move their head up and down and I started to do that, taking more of his cock into my mouth. I felt it growing as I slid my mouth on it. He said, ?watch those teeth cocksucker. This is really the first time your sucking cock isn?t it??I mumbled ?uh huh? and continued moving it in and out of my mouth but trying to block my teeth from touching it. He was so big and thick, it was hard to keep my teeth out of the way. He wasn?t moaning or anything but he kept up his verbal abuse about me being a cocksucker and a faggot sucking on a big black cock. I didn?t know how much longer I could stretch my mouth over it. It seemed like it had been going on for an hour but it may have been only 10 minutes. He stepped back and said, ?stand up.?I thought finally. He turned me around pushed my head towards the table and proceeded to spank my ass really hard, while he as calling me a worthless cocksucker that doesn?t know how to suck cock right. After at least 20 smacks on my now sore ass, He asked if I was ready to try better this time. I nodded my head and lowered back to my knees. He said, ?next time I will use my belt to punish your ass so you better do a good job.? He also said, ?By the way, your tiny cock is hard again you must be enjoying this faggot.?What the fuck was going on? Why would I be hard over sucking a guys cock and getting my ass spanked? I put his now hard cock back into my mouth and tried harder to suck him. He said, bornova escort bayan ?there you go cocksucker. That?s much better. Suck that black cock.?Still holding the sides of my head he was driving his cock deeper into my mouth. I started gagging at one point but he kept fucking my mouth. His cock seemed like it was getting thicker in my mouth. My jaw was aching. A panic thought went through my head, I hope he doesn?t cum in mouth. Just as I thought that, I felt the first jet of cum splash against the back of my throat. He was saying, ?That?s right, take that spunk. Swallow it all cocksucker.? I felt jet after jet enter my mouth. I never came this much how could he keep shooting cum in my mouth like this? When he finally slid his cock out of my moth I had cum dripping down my chin. One more humiliation in a day filled with them. He said, ?Climb up on the table. It?s your turn since your tiny cock is hard. I?m not a faggot like you so you will have to do it yourself. But since I know you like your little boy pussy being finger fucked, I will do that for you.?I climbed on the table, He said, ?Open your mouth.? When I did he put his bare finger in my mouth and said, ?Get that finger really wet. It will be better for you if it?s wet.? I sucked on his finger with the taste of cum still in my mouth. He pulled it from my mouth, spread my legs apart and pushed it into my ass. He said, ?Start stoking cocksucker.? As I started stroking my cock he was finger fucking my asshole. He said, ?I bet you wish this was my big black cock fucking that little boy cunt of yours, don?t you?? I didn?t care anymore; I was too excited to care. I just stroked my cock as he finger fucked me. He was saying things like he can?t believe I could please a woman with such a tiny little cock. He was saying maybe he should fuck my wife so she knows what a real man feels like. His humiliating comments continued the entire time, until I started shooting my cum over my tummy and chest. I was exhausted. The bastard broke me and at the same time he gave me an unbelievable climax. Now I felt guilty for enjoying it so much. He pulled his finger from my asshole and pushed it in my face. He said, ?Look how dirty your boy cunt is. You need to clean better.? He wiped his finger on my underwear. I said, ?Do you have something to clean this up??He said, ?Here I will help you out.? He scooped up the cum with the finger that was just in my asshole and pushed it into my mouth. He said, ?Clean it good cocksucker.? He continued to scoop my cum off my body and feed it to me. I never tasted my own cum. I wondered what it would taste like but every time I would cum, the desire to taste it was gone. Now I didn?t have a choice, He was scooping all my cum off my body and feeding it all to me. He said, ?You can get dressed now. I will get your name in the computer. If I ever catch you steeling again, You will feel a big black cock in that boy cunt of yours.?I got off the table still feeling week from my orgasm. I managed to get dressed while he was typing away at the computer. He finished and said, ?Let?s get you to the cashier to pay for these sunglasses. I followed him out to the store and I felt everyone in the store knew I just sucked his cock. It just added to the humiliation. I know they couldn?t have known but I felt that way anyway. When we got to the cashier he said to the lady, ?He forgot to pay for these.? I blushed again. I paid for them and tried to walk out as fast as possible. AS I was leaving he said, ?Thanks for coming? and started laughing. The bastard got me right to end. .
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