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Standart Elaine by Elaine

Elaine had walked home from college with David, in the short journey to Elaine's house they had talked over the things that had happened during the day's classes, their homework, what they were going to watch on the TV during the evening, general chatter.
After they had left their friends behind and out of site of the college David slipped his hands into Elaine's and walked happily hand in hand. Elaine had not wanted anyone to see this -- she didn't want gossip spreading to her parents so as they neared her house they stopped holding hands as If by mutual accord.
They could have held hands for some time as a neighbour told her that her parents had gone into town and would not be back for another couple of hours.
Elaine contemplated a couple of hours on her own or she could invite David in and they could do their homework together. She invited him in -- they could finish their homework in an hour leaving plenty of time for David to leave before her parents returned home.
As they entered the house and spread their books on the kitchen table, Elaine offered to make a cup of tea which David greatly accepted
Elaine went to put the kettle on and as she did, dropped a tea bag on the floor, as she bent over her short skirt rode over her round bottom revealing her black panties and stocking covered legs. David looked in wonderment, he had held Elaine's hand and sneaked a kiss but this was just divine. David felt a stirring in his little dick, his flaccid member started to harden.
I am sure it was an accident he thought. Elaine retrieved the tea bag and started to make the tea.
They sat at the table side by side studying from the same text book, occasionally their hands would touch as they turned the page of the book and occasionally their legs would touch under the table.
They had been working together for a little time when Elaine reached for the text book and as she stretched over the table a button of her blouse came undone revealing her black bra that strained to hold in her blossoming breasts.
David looked on in awe. His pulse racing as his dick hardened
Elaine sat there as if nothing had happened but inwardly she knew that the sight of her breasts would have David having lecherous thoughts.
What college boy wouldn't?
They continued to work, almost in silence now -- David could not express the thoughts running through his mind.
Another page turned, reach for tea, another page turned and then another of Elaine's buttons popped open.
David's thoughts of homework ere all forgotten now, he could see the full form of Elaine's breasts and appreciate the size and shape of them -- perfect. Below her bra her stomach disappeared into the waistline of her short pleated college skirt.
David so wanted to caress Elaine's lovely breasts, to enjoy her skin, to run his hands over her tummy -- what.
They sat side by side, another chapter of homework completed; Elaine stood up to relieve the ache in her legs from sitting so long -- she ankara sınırsız escortlar made no attempt to button up her blouse but took the opportunity to pull up her stay-ups, giving David a further exciting view of her legs
David could stand it no more, Elaine looked so lovely, she had been wearing make-up to college, against all of the rules but didn't she look nice.
The sight of her cleavage which would drive most boys and men to distraction made David want Elaine so much. College biology lessons had never meant so much as they did now.
The space between the lace of her stay-ups and her hiked skirt was like a magnet to David's eyes. David stood up and walked towards Elaine desperately wanting to kiss her, wanting to hold her, wanting to feel her breasts pressed against his chest.
David and Elaine kissed, at first it was a slow gentle kiss that lingered for minutes and then David's tongue started to probe between Elaine's sweet lips, slowly prising them apart until his tongue met hers. He held her tight feeling their hearts beating together. David wondered whether Elaine could feel his little hard dick pushed against her groin.
They kissed for ages, time was slipping by. Elaine was feeling excited from all of the kissing, her nipples had hardened and pushed against the fabric of her bra, her panties were soaked, she wanted some release.
Elaine stepped back and in full sight of David's gaze released her breast from her bra and held the nipple for David to see. What a sight, Elaine's beautiful pink breasts covered by a slightly darker areola that was topped by a small hard gorgeous nipple.
David was in heaven.
Elaine started to run her fingers in a circular motion over her nipples making little sounds -- she was getting turned on exposing her body to David.
David was so turned on watching Elaine; he wanted her so much now. He took two strides over to Elaine, took her hand away from her nipple and bent his head to take Elaine's nipple in his mouth. Elaine gasped. No one had seen her breasts before and certainly no-one had had her nipples in their mouth. David sucked gently, his tongue licking at her nipple Elaine put her hands around David's head so that he could not move away from her nipple that was being teased so much. She felt her juices run from her cunt and down her thighs. She imagined the glistening trail that would stop at her feet.
David sucked enjoying the feel of Elaine's nipple in his mouth and the feel of her breasts in his hands.
Elaine pushed David away -- she wanted more -- as he stepped back her bra snapped back into place only to enhance her college girl cleavage. She lifted up her skirt to show David her black panties and the wisps of pubic hair that escaped from the sides of the pretty fabric. David couldn't stop looking at Elaine's delightful cleavage and the memory of him sucking on her nipple.
Elaine lifted up her skirt more, willing David to run his hands over her tummy, under the nylon of her panties ankara suriyeli escortlar and plunge his fingers deep inside of her. She was so wet.
David wasn't sure what to do -- of course he wanted Elaine, wasn't she so lovely and sexy and what a kisser!
David wanted to caress her body more; he gently turned her around and pushed her head down as far as was comfortable revealing her lovely bottom. Elaine spread her cheeks in order for David to get a better view.
David marvelled at the way the material of her panties almost disappeared into the crack of her bottom and the way it just, but only just covered Elaine's puckered rosebud. David was breathing hard now. It was an effort for him not to cum in his trousers.
Elaine stood up and carefully remover her blouse and bra. She knew her breasts were desirable. Weren't all of the other girls in her class envious -- and no need for a padded bra either.
She wondered what they would be thinking now.
Would they like to see Elaine's pretty breasts and her hard swollen nipples -- perhaps they would like to touch them as David had.
Elaine walked around the room showing David her body.
David looked and looked at her.
His appreciation of her beauty grew. His appreciation of her sexiness was apparent from the bulge in his trousers. David's breath became more laboured as he watched Elaine.
*quot;Take me upstairs*quot; Elaine says -- she has reached the point of no return and wants to feel David next to her. David needed no second bidding and they walked hand in hand up the stairs.
As soon as they entered Elaine's bedroom David took her into his arms and kissed her slowly and deeply. Elaine's breasts were being pressed to his chest as he tried to get closer to her.
David led Elaine over to the bed and gently laid her on it.
Elaine instinctively opened her legs a little to give David a clear view of her pussy lips under the stretched fabric of her panties.
What will happen now she wondered as inside she squirmed with a desire that made her wet.
David looked -- David wanted.
Elaine slipped off her panties -- her hairy pussy revealed. David gasped. Elaine's mound was covered by a fine pubic hair that extended down around her puffy lips that glistened with the moisture from her juices
Elaine could wait no more -- her fingers reached down to touch her engorged clit moving it from side to side, feeling the pressure building up inside her, moving them up and down her wet slit. Elaine's moans were having an effect on David -- as he watched Elaine, he removed his shirt and almost unseen shoes and socks were discarded on the floor
David watched intently as Elaine's fingers danced between her wide open legs.
David's trousers were soon on the floor as he watched Elaine. The pain in his groin was almost unbearable.
David watched as Elaine plunged first one
And then two fingers deep inside her -- feeling her own wetness, her own tightness -- her sincan türbanlı escortlar hymen had been broken a long time before under the administration of her fingers
David could stand it no more and bend down on the bed ho moved Elaine's fingers away. His tongue immediately replaced the fingers and he eagerly lapped at her juicy cunt. Elaine's little moans spurred him on and as his tongue slid between her pussy lips his fingers were probing deep inside her. Elaine was thrashing on the bed as David's tongue went to work -- his hands reaching up to caress Elaine's lovely round breasts.
David could feel Elaine on the verge of a climax and stopped licking Elaine. David moved up Elaine's body and kissed her lips. Elaine could taste her own juices on David's lips.
Their tongues entwined as David continued to press his tongue between Elaine's lips and all of the time David's dick was getting closer to Elaine's love tunnel.
David had no thoughts of a condom -- he wanted to feel Elaine around him -- what would happen, would happen.
The tip of David's dick found Elaine's entrance and David slowly slid inside Elaine. Elaine's eyes opened wide at the first upward thrust and then at the second she lifted her bottom to meet him, she wanted him to go deeper and deeper, she lifted her legs high in order to give him easier access.
David fucked Elaine -- at first it was fucking -- David wanted to be inside Elaine but then as they moved in unison it became an act of love.
David moved in and out of Elaine, kissing her lips, her neck her breasts. The pace of their lovemaking became faster and faster.
Elaine arched her back as David erupted, sending sperm deep inside of her.
They rested for a moment David's hands caress Elaine's breasts where he found her nipple and gently played with it, feeling it harden all over again,
David ran his hands all over Elaine's tummy, feeling its softness, the smooth skin, the slight rise of her teenage belly.
David kissed Elaine again, his hands moving over her hairy mound. What would it be like if he could persuade Elaine to shave smooth -- would he see the cleft of her cunt any better -- would she feel his tongue better. David's middle finger curved between her lips, the ends of his fingers touching her G Spot. He pressed hard against her, just moving his fingers slightly. To Elaine the feeling was electrifying.
The tip of David's finger was working magic on Elaine's cunt -- she could not keep still, her bottom thrashed wildly and David was finding it hard to keep his fingers in place as her juices streamed from between her open legs, As Elaine bounced up and down, David's finger slipped from her sodden cunt and as she came down,
She landed on David's extended middle digit. Elaine screamed as David's finger entered her extremely wet bottom.
Elaine bounced up and down enjoying this new sensation of a finger inside her bottom. Now David's thumb started to come into play -- as Elaine's bottom wriggled on David's finger his thumb spread open her cunt lips and was pushed gently inside of Elaine.
Elaine was in ecstasy.
As she climaxed for another time David shot another load of spunk deep inside her.
David and Elaine fell on the bed in each other's arms.
Elaine lay back, a smile on her lips.
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