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Standart From Friends to Lovers Ch. 06

Beth seemed a little distracted when we woke the next morning, and I leaned across to kiss her softly on the lips. *quot;Something on your mind?*quot;

She nodded, glancing at me. *quot;Well... Francesca, actually.*quot;

I raised my eyebrows, letting her continue. *quot;She already knows about us, she's as sexy as hell, and she'll be flying back home in a few days.*quot;

*quot;Go on,*quot; I encouraged her.

Beth took the plunge. *quot;Why don't we invite her to join us for a night or two? Then we'll know what it's like, and we won't be curious when we get to uni, when getting someone else involved would be a whole lot more complicated.*quot;

I took her fingers in mine. *quot;Beth, you'll always be more than enough for me, you know that. But if you want to try this, I'm not going to complain.*quot;

I grinned wickedly. *quot;I can just imagine kissing those curves of hers.*quot;

Beth picked up her pillow, playfully swinging it at me. *quot;You can kiss her wherever you like as long as I get the same.*quot;

I nodded agreement. *quot;She has to say yes first, remember. I know she seems pretty open, but this might be too much for her.*quot;

*quot;Leave that to me,*quot; Beth promised with a lift of her eyebrows. *quot;Come on - we should catch her at breakfast.*quot;

Francesca was already there when we got to the dining room, and we walked across to her. *quot;Why don't we all share a table today?*quot;

She smiled her thanks, picking up her bag, and we sat. Beth and I had our usual breakfast, while Francesca nibbled on a croissant. *quot;I wish I could eat like that and be as slim as you two,*quot; she offered with a hint of regret. *quot;It's a good thing I like to run, it keeps me fit.*quot;

She sipped at her coffee. *quot;What are your plans for today?*quot;

*quot;There's a bird of prey centre,*quot; Beth explained. *quot;Tim's going to treat us to an encounter with the birds.*quot;

She glanced at me, then back to Francesca. *quot;But why don't we meet you for dinner when we get back, we'll treat you? We've been out every night so far, so we thought we'd see what the food here is like.*quot;

Francesca smiled. *quot;That would be lovely.*quot;

She finished her croissant, dabbing at her mouth with the serviette. *quot;Have a good day, I will see you later.*quot;

I watched her walk to the door, hips swaying a little, and Beth leaned across to pinch me lightly. *quot;Looking forward to unwrapping your treat?*quot; she teased. *quot;I think she guesses that we have more in mind.*quot;

*quot;I'll trust your feminine intuition,*quot; I nodded.

We finished our breakfast, and a few minutes later we were in the car, Beth looking at the map. *quot;The route takes us through the forest - some of the roads are a bit steep, but the views are great.*quot;

Finally we pulled up outside the bird of prey centre, hearing the yelping cry of an eagle as soon as we opened the car doors. *quot;I think that's a bald eagle,*quot; I ventured.

I paid for us at the entrance, and we spent a while just walking round, looking at the different aviaries. One huge space held a dozen or so kites, and we watched them flying from one side to the other, then back. *quot;They fly them all at once later,*quot; I pointed to the guidebook.

*quot;What's that?*quot; asked Beth, indicating the next event on the timetable. *quot;I can't imagine how a vulture restaurant would work.*quot;

I read the text. *quot;Oh - they feed them, and they explain some of the conservation challenges there are for vultures in Africa and Asia.*quot;

The vulture restaurant turned out to be dramatic, the birds arching their huge wings and hissing at one another over the bloody bones that the keeper tossed out for them. *quot;That makes me really angry, how the poachers poison them because they lead the rangers to the dead elephants,*quot; was Beth's response to the conservation talk.

I walked across to talk to one of the keepers. *quot;We'd quite like to do the 'hawk walk' later, if you have a free slot?*quot;

She nodded. *quot;Sure, I'll book you in. The café's open, see you back here about two o'clock.*quot;

I found Beth watching a tiny owl through the mesh. *quot;Isn't he sweet?*quot;

*quot;Come on,*quot; I smiled. *quot;We just have time for lunch.*quot;

The café offered toasted sandwiches, and we sat at a wooden table in the open air while we ate. *quot;Look,*quot; Beth pointed into the sky, *quot;they said the wild buzzards come because they know the birds are here.*quot;

*quot;I think they get scraps from the flying ground when everyone's gone,*quot; I nodded.

We finished our meal, and walked back to the arena. *quot;Ah, Tim and Beth,*quot; the keeper greeted us. *quot;I'm Jenny, I'll be taking you out with the birds today.*quot;

She led us to one of the aviaries, opening the door. *quot;They're all tethered just now, so they're not going anywhere,*quot; she reassured.

Beth got a peregrine, while I ended up with a Harris hawk clutching my gauntleted hand. *quot;OK, off we go,*quot; nodded Jenny.

We made our way through the flying ground and out onto the fields, passing hedges filled with wild flowers. *quot;Beth, if you let Kes free - just take your thumb off the leash - and we'll see what she does,*quot; Jenny instructed.

Beth lifted her thumb, and the kestrel looked around, shook her feathers, then dived straight for the base of the hedge, mantling her wings poker oyna over an unfortunate vole.

Jenny smirked. *quot;Lazy bird - she'll always go for the easiest meal, rather than wasting energy flapping.*quot;

She retrieved the kestrel, settling it back on Beth's glove and making sure the leash was secure. *quot;We can't let them both fly at once,*quot; she explained. *quot;Now, Tim, let's see how Amber will perform.*quot;

I let the leash drop free, and my bird did much the same as Beth's, with the addition of a lift of her tail and a squirt of white liquid. *quot;How rude,*quot; I chuckled.

The hawk flapped into the air, circling higher and higher, then seemed to drop like a stone as she folded her wings, plummeting onto something unseen. Jenny ran over quickly, inducing Amber to relinquish what she had in exchange for something from the leather bag at Jenny's waist.

Jenny returned to us with the bird on one arm, a rabbit looking much the worse for wear in the other hand. *quot;I'm guessing you won't want to take her catch home with you,*quot; she grinned, *quot;though you'd be very welcome. But the team here do eat what the birds catch, we think it's only right.*quot;

Beth nodded. *quot;That's fine by us. And thanks so much for a fascinating time.*quot;

We walked back with Sarah and watched her put the birds back in their aviary. *quot;Right,*quot; I said. *quot;We should probably get going.*quot;

I grinned. *quot;We have a dinner date that probably doesn't involve rabbit.*quot;

As we drove home we chatted about the different birds we'd seen - *quot;That martial eagle looked very fierce, but I think the most impressive one was the sea eagle, those huge wings,*quot; mused Beth.

We reached the hotel, and I made coffee in the room for us, Beth sprawling on the bed while I sat in the armchair. *quot;Maybe we should talk about tonight?*quot; I offered. *quot;We should probably decide now what we both think will work, and what might not.*quot;

Beth's voice as she replied was offhand, but her eyes were dancing. *quot;Oh, I can only think of one rule.*quot;

*quot;Which is...?*quot;

*quot;Don't do anything with her that you haven't done with me.*quot;

She grinned wickedly. *quot;Yet.*quot;

I nodded. *quot;I think I can work with that.*quot;

I tried to imitate her offhand tone. *quot;But what about you and her, then?*quot;

Her cheeks turned an attractive shade of pink. *quot;Ah, oops.*quot;

She looked at me a little nonplussed. *quot;I guess I imagined that she and I would both be doing things to you, and then you to us. But I suppose there's no reason we couldn't...*quot;

*quot;Do you think you'd prefer to touch her, or to be touched?*quot; I queried.

*quot;You do such a good job of touching me,*quot; Beth smiled. *quot;But -*quot; she shivered with anticipated pleasure - *quot;maybe it would be nice to have a mouth on both of my nipples at the same time.*quot;

*quot;That's what I was most looking forward to,*quot; I admitted. *quot;Anything else?*quot;

*quot;I bet kissing her would feel different,*quot; Beth mused.

*quot;And your tongue elsewhere?*quot; I prompted. *quot;Or hers?*quot;

Beth's response was a soft gasp. *quot;Maybe her mouth there while you stay on my nipples?*quot;

*quot;Or while I'm using my tongue on that other place you find so intriguing,*quot; I hinted.

*quot;Mmm...*quot; managed Beth.

She took a deep breath, shaking her head a little to clear it. *quot;OK, let's go and meet our dinner guest. After all, she might say thanks, but no thanks.*quot;

*quot;Then I'd do my best to come up with something to satisfy you,*quot; I promised.

Beth leaned over to kiss me. *quot;You always do, love.*quot;

We made our way to the dining room, and I blinked as I caught sight of Francesca. She'd chosen a dress in a dark fabric, cut to emphasise her breasts, and as she turned I saw that it was fastened with a simple bow behind her neck.

I stepped forward to hug her, and as we touched for the first time I felt a definite spark between us. Her lips were soft as she kissed each of my cheeks in the continental way, then turned to do the same to Beth.

The dining room felt different, the lights lower, white cloths and sparkling crystal on the tables. I held Beth's chair for her, getting a brilliant smile, then did the same for Francesca. *quot;Grazie,*quot; she smiled.

The waiter approached. *quot;Would you like some wine?*quot;

I nodded. *quot;Francesca, why don't you choose for us?*quot;

She ran her finger down the list. *quot;This Valpolicella sounds good.*quot;

*quot;A couple of bottles of that, then.*quot;

Francesca glanced at us when the waiter had gone. *quot;Are we celebrating?*quot;

Beth touched her hand. *quot;Life's always worth celebrating, isn't it?*quot;

*quot;È vero,*quot; nodded Francesca. *quot;Did you enjoy the birds today?*quot;

*quot;Very much,*quot; confirmed Beth. *quot;We learned a lot, too.*quot;

Our wine arrived and Francesca accepted the first splash in her glass, sipping. *quot;Buono.*quot;

The waiter poured, and I lifted my glass in a toast. *quot;Salute.*quot;

Beth blinked. *quot;I didn't know you spoke Italian.*quot;

I shook my head. *quot;Just the odd word. I can manage 'Che bella donna', no, Francesca?*quot;

She smiled. *quot;Oh, I think that should be 'Belle signore', no?*quot;

I gave Beth a soft look. *quot;Well, I definitely think so.*quot;

Beth pretended to roll her eyes. *quot;I'm just about canlı poker oyna keeping up. Anyway, what shall we eat?*quot;

The waiter returned to take our orders, and when he'd gone, I turned to Francesca. *quot;So tell us more about yourself.*quot;

She shrugged expressively. *quot;What to tell? Back home I am a nurse, I work in a large hospital. I was married but he did not like my long hours, night shifts, so...*quot;

Beth reached to touch her hand. *quot;I'm sorry.*quot;

Francesca nodded. *quot;But I like to travel, this is my first time in England, my agent suggested this place. I like it very much.*quot;

Our starters arrived, and Francesca sampled her soup. *quot;You should come to my home, I will cook something special for you.*quot;

*quot;We'd love to,*quot; I smiled.

As we ate, I let Beth describe our friendship to Francesca. *quot;And now you have become amanti,*quot; she smiled. *quot;It is molto adatto.*quot;

*quot;Very suitable - um, fitting?*quot; I translated for Beth, and Francesca nodded. *quot;Esattamente.*quot;

We continued our conversation through the main course, and finally Francesca put down her fork. *quot;That was lovely, thank you so much.*quot;

Beth glanced at me, her face suddenly showing a hint of nervousness. *quot;Can we offer you coffee back in our room, Francesca? It'll be a little more relaxed.*quot;

Francesca smiled. *quot;I would like that very much.*quot;

I signed the bill, and we walked back to the room. Francesca looked around, then at the sliding doors that led to the pool. *quot;Ah, I see.*quot;

*quot;We're a little short of chairs,*quot; Beth apologised as she filled the kettle. *quot;Francesca, do you want the armchair?*quot;

*quot;Is no problem, I will be fine to sit on the bed.*quot;

She sat down, and I picked up a pillow, propping myself against the headboard a little way from her. Beth brought cups, then settled herself in the chair, sipping her coffee. *quot;Did you enjoy your swim last night, Francesca?*quot;

Francesca looked mildly surprised. *quot;I thought you must have gone out, no?*quot;

I shook my head. *quot;We were here.*quot;

Her eyes widened a little. *quot;Then you must have seen...*quot;

Beth nodded. *quot;It was very - what was that word you used about us before? Passionate.*quot;

She glanced at me. *quot;And after you'd gone, Tim and I were pretty passionate too.*quot;

Francesca smiled. *quot;Then it is good.*quot;

She looked from Beth to me, then back again. *quot;And now we are here... I wonder, do you think of passion again?*quot;

*quot;Would that be a problem?*quot; Beth asked quietly.

Francesca's response was to lean across, her eyes on my face, her lips approaching mine slowly as if to give me time to turn away, refuse. But I let the kiss happen, and I felt her breathe in, then out slowly. *quot;It has been a little while since I have had this.*quot;

I kissed her again. *quot;Then there's no need to hesitate, you can have what you need.*quot;

Francesca nodded wordlessly, and I reached out, my fingers seeking the bow that held her dress in place. I found the end, and pulled carefully, feeling the bow unravel.

She smiled. *quot;Your fingers know what they are doing, no?*quot;

I slowly drew her dress down, much as she'd done with her swimsuit the previous night, but this time her breasts were in front of me, close enough to touch. *quot;Francesca, you have an amazing figure,*quot; I heard Beth's voice from across the room.

I bent to place kisses on the curve of each breast, hearing Francesca sigh softly. Her nipples were different to Beth's, the areolae darker, a little larger, and Beth leaned forward as I took the nearest one between my lips. *quot;Ah...*quot; Francesca breathed.

I suckled each one in turn, and I felt her shift on the bed. *quot;Please, take off the dress,*quot; she begged, and I helped her stand, push her dress down and off. Underneath, her panties were black lace, and I couldn't help pressing my lips to her covered mound, breathing in, her scent too different from Beth's, perhaps darker, spicier.

Francesca glanced towards the pillows, and I nodded, watching as she laid down, parted her thighs slightly. I moved to one side of her, and looked over at Beth, then back to Francesca. *quot;Is it OK if we both help?*quot;

Her expression was an unmistakeable mixture of surprise and anticipation. *quot;I... of course.*quot;

Beth moved to her other side, and I watched spellbound as she bent to kiss Francesca, catching a few strands of her dark hair away from her face with a finger. Beth's eyes met mine, and we moved down, my mouth surrounding one of Francesca's nipples a fraction of a second before Beth followed suit.

Francesca gave a quiet moan. *quot;Oh, this I have never...*quot;

She parted her thighs a little more, her hips flexing, and I took the hint, moving my hand down to press against the damp fabric. She gasped, and I felt more warmth against my fingers. *quot;Please -*quot; she breathed, and I looked at Beth, getting a nod.

I moved down, hooking my fingers through elastic and drawing Francesca's panties down. She opened to me, and I bent to explore her with my tongue.

*quot;I have an idea,*quot; Beth whispered. *quot;Francesca, slide down the bed a little.*quot;

Francesca complied, and Beth shifted position, kneeling at the top of the bed. I felt internet casino a thrill as I saw her bend to use her mouth on Francesca's breasts while her own were now within reach of Francesca's lips. *quot;Oh,*quot; gasped Beth, as Francesca took one nipple into her mouth.

I renewed my exploration of Francesca's most intimate places, my tongue finding her nub - a little larger than Beth's, but no less sensitive, evidenced by Francesca's moan as I took it into my mouth, suckling softly in the way I'd learned gave Beth such satisfaction.

I hesitated, even at this point wondering if Francesca would deem any touch too intimate, then carefully slid fingers inside her. She felt different again, and I wondered - she'd not mentioned having children, but...?

I had no further chance to speculate, Francesca moaning as I curled my fingertips a little inside her, releasing Beth's nipple long enough to gasp quickly *quot;Oh - I'm nearly - *quot; then as I brushed my tongue insistently over the hard nub still between my lips, she convulsed with pleasure, hips lifting to push against my mouth and fingers, thighs tightening around me, the muscles of her stomach tightening visibly. Liquid syllables in her own language spilled from her lips, and I thought I could pick out *quot;O dio, io vengo...*quot;

Finally she subsided, and I couldn't help continuing to admire her breasts as her chest rose and fell. Beth caught my eye as I lifted my head, her face flushed. *quot;Oh wow,*quot; she breathed. *quot;Watching you do that to someone else really gets me going.*quot;

She looked down at Francesca. *quot;And having your mouth on my breasts, oh my goodness.*quot;

Francesca nodded, still seeming to be having difficulty finding English words again. Finally she took a last deep breath. *quot;That was more passionate than I have ever experienced.*quot;

*quot;I'm glad,*quot; Beth blinked in surprise.

Francesca sat up, and glanced at my unmistakeable erection. *quot;I think we must do something about that, no? But first Beth must be satisfied.*quot;

She smiled at me. *quot;I think that is your task, though I can help if she wishes?*quot;

*quot;She definitely wishes,*quot; Beth chuckled. *quot;And I can't come up with anything better than what we already started.*quot;

She looked thoughtful for a moment. *quot;Except...*quot;

*quot;Tell us,*quot; I gave her an encouraging look, lifting an eyebrow.

*quot;Well, you remember how good it is when I'm on top with your mouth on me. And my breasts would be easy to reach.*quot;

*quot;You've convinced me,*quot; I nodded. Francesca moved out of the way, and I lay down, this time leaving enough room for Francesca to kneel where Beth had been.

Beth slid across me, her so-wet opening presented to my mouth, and I began to explore with my tongue, the taste and feel of her familiar after the newness of Francesca.

I looked up to see Francesca begin to pleasure Beth in turn, hands and mouth on her breasts, nipples. I felt renewed warmth and wetness against my tongue, and concentrated on what I was doing, suckling Beth's nub. I slid a hand between her thighs, and she lifted a little as she grasped my intention. I slid fingers into her, curling them to seek the same spot that had given Francesca such delight, and Beth gasped. *quot;Oh yes, that's perfect.*quot;

I felt the familiar tension begin to overtake her body, and I slowed, trying to prolong the moment. *quot;Oh god - now - please -*quot; she insisted, and I smiled against her wetness, remembering one last touch that would add to the pleasure that was about to overtake her. I moved one slippery fingertip back to brush against her other opening, then press just a little inwards, and she finally tipped over the edge with a prolonged cry of ecstasy, her body shaking, and - oh! - a spurt, then another, of clear liquid against my lips and down my chin.

I heard her sigh, then the sound of a soft kiss. *quot;Thank you, Francesca...*quot;

Beth slid off me, and I looked up to see Francesca still kneeling, a bemused smile on her face. *quot;So passionate... and what did you do at that very last moment to give her such pleasure?*quot;

Beth glanced at me knowingly, and I smiled at Francesca. *quot;We have to keep some of our little secrets, you know. But maybe next time I'll show you, if...?*quot;

Francesca nodded without hesitating. *quot;A next time definitely will be.*quot;

She looked at Beth. *quot;Now, certainly, your lover must have his reward.*quot;

Beth smiled. *quot;By all means thank him in the best way you know how - and for me, too.*quot;

Francesca blinked. *quot;It is all right if I...?*quot;

*quot;Of course.*quot;


Francesca moved down, still facing the foot of the bed, until her hips were positioned above me. She wrapped her fingers around me, then looked over her shoulder, watching my face, as she guided me into her. She was soft, warm, wet, and I breathed out, my mouth an O, as she lowered herself, letting me fully into her.

Beth had watched, fascinated, and now she bent to kiss me. *quot;Mm, I can taste her on you,*quot; she whispered. *quot;I can guess what you want me to do, anyway.*quot;

I nodded, and Beth moved down to use her mouth on my nipples. I felt Francesca begin to move on me, and my gaze was caught by the rise and fall of her rounded bottom, my shaft visible between her cheeks as she leaned forward a little with each thrust. She glanced over her shoulder again, her face full of passion. *quot;Now is all for you, whenever you are ready.*quot;
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