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Standart Beauty Class

My friend Beth and myself had started a part time beauty class, the coming weekend Beth had an exam on her massage knowledge and technique, Beth asked if I would be her partner, I accepted as I hoped she would be mine the following week. Beth was a natural beauty, blonde with green eyes and a slim perky body, I am what I like to call curvy and petite, with dark hair and eyes. We both get plenty of attention from males when we go out even though we are totally different in every way. On the morning of the exam I just got up showered and with no make up or perfume on, old shabby underwear so not to worry about massage oil getting everywhere. Beth was doing great answering all the questions the tutor had asked, I was enjoying the shoulder and back massage, the tutor left the cubicle to go onto the next pupil. I was lying on my front, my breasts squashed underneath me. Beth was quiet and concentrating on firmly running the heel of her hand up and down my back, I have a full back tattoo and I love my back being touched, especially the small of my back, one of my big turn on is to sit in front of a man while he wanks and feel his cock banging off my back and then shooting his cum over my back and arse.

Beth slowed down and used gentle feathery strokes stopping at the towel which covered my white pants, I felt a tingling sensation in my pussy which was starting to get moist, involuntary I arched my back and let out a quiet moan, which surprised us both as I love cock and have never been excited by a female before. Beth carried on for a couple of minutes, I felt embarrassed for both of us but she continued still know one spoke, just gentle water music in the back ground, which I was glad of as the person in the next cubicle was only a few feet away. Beth was now massaging my calves and thighs in long slow moves, she touched the edge of my pants several times, I was getting wetter and wetter and trying to concentrate as to not to make a noise and embarrass myself further. The tutor popped her head around the curtain and whispered 10 minutes left so start to finish. Just as I was ready to sit up Beth ran her hand up my leg and over my panty clad arse ever so gently then finished with a short sharp slap. I was sure I would come at any point, but laughed nervously and tried not to look embarrassed. We never mentioned any of this on the way home; I dropped Beth off before heading güvenilir bahis home, very horny and extremely confused at to what had happened.

I couldn't make it home as my cunt was pulsating and I could feel my pants sticking to the wetness within. I parked up in a deserted industrial estate five minutes from home, I didn't even get my seat belt off and I had my hand down my tracksuit bottoms, pushed my soaking pants aside, my lips were puffy and I just touched my throbbing clit and I came all over my fingers. Just as I was beginning to breathe again I jumped when a text came through, it was Beth asking if we were going out tonight, I replied yes, although I was a bit worried I was going to be the centre of any jokes going, Beth asked me to pick her up at her place. It was a few minutes before I drove off.

Getting dressed I paid particular attention to my lingerie, matching, silky and finished with lovely black stockings, I don't know why as mostly it's just a fancy top and jeans, tonight I was making sure I was perfect, body free from all hair, gorgeous body lotion that made my skin feel like silk and my hair was shiny and so touchable.

The taxi driver on the way over ogled my tits through my blouse, on a normal day I would have reacted by sitting in a way for him to get a better look, getting off knowing they had a hard on as they drove, not tonight somehow, I was chatting away at top speed, almost as nervous as going on a first date. I text Beth that we were waiting outside, she text back saying she wasn't ready just to come in. As I paid the driver he said my bloke was very lucky and to remember him for the future, I laughed.

The front door was unlocked and I went in, Beth shouted from the bedroom to help myself to the wine in the fridge, I already had, I noticed my hand was shaking a bit, I tried saying to myself that this was my mate and we did this every weekend. Out she came, hair and minimal make up done, she didn't need a lot as she was lovely anyway, she had her bath robe on, and I could see she just had black frilly pants on. Beth commented on how glam I looked, we were back to normal chatting and comparing outfits.

A glass of wine later I went back to the fridge to get some more, Beth followed with her glass. I leaned over the breakfast bar to reach for my hand bag on the stool, as I stood up Beth stood behind türkçe bahis me, I could feel her nipples on my back, we were about the same height as I had my heels on, Beth whispered would I like another massage, she then kissed my neck, I thought I was dreaming as so many different emotions rushed through me all targeting my pussy. I moaned again and my arse pushed into her groin, Beth fell to her knees and told me to lift my skirt, in a haze I did still facing away from her, she parted my legs, and breathed against my black silky pants, she ran her tongue up the back of my leg over the top of my stockings and from my slit to my arse, I couldn't breathe, she told me to turn around, she did the exact same although this time she sucked on my clit through my pants. I was trying not to faint and held onto the worktop. Beth stood up and looked at me; she smiled and kissed me, gentle and light, just touching my lips with her tongue. Beth took my hand and led me to the bedroom.

When we got to her bedroom which I had been in loads of times before getting dressed to go out, it seemed different somehow, Beth slipped off her robe and her beautiful tits stood out proud, this time I was being undressed, embarrassed at my large tits and curves, Beth left my stockings and pants on, we lay on her bed, lights dimmed. Beth asked me to turnover, she straddled my back and poured oil onto me as she rubbed my shoulders she was gyrating her panty clad pussy against the small of my back. I could feel my pants getting wet. Beth stopped and stood up, she took her pants off and placed them onto the pillow next to my mouth, I could smell a familiar musky horny smell. She returned to her position, this time I could feel her hand stroking her pussy, touching my back, I wanted to touch my own clit which I felt had doubled in size, Beth was breathing harder and she was frigging her fingers in and out slowly then faster and slow again, she lay on top of me and placed a finger at my lips, I had tasted my own pussy juice before either off of fingers or a cock I had been fucking, but this was a first, it was sweet, sticky and I wanted more. I turned over and we kissed, rougher tongues, both of us moaning. Beth started to kiss my breasts; we were pushing our clits together event though I still had my panties on. Beth seemed to know exactly what to do; she lightly ran her tongue down over my soft belly güvenilir bahis siteleri and started to kiss the small bit of skin exposed at the top of my stockings.

She teased me kissing and licking the edge of my pants, I wanted to rip them off and give myself to her completely, and I pinched and tugged at my left nipple, grabbing Beth's' blonde hair with my right hand. My knees were parted and raised by a suddenly forceful beauty, Beth pulled my pants to the side and gently barely licked my lips, I could smell pussy in the air, I knew I was wet as I had ever been, Beth started to suck and finger me, two or three fingers at least, my pussy juice was now running between the cheeks of my arse. Beth reached over with her free hand and brought a massive bright pink dildo, she removed her fingers and inserted the toy bit by bit, I love big cocks but even this was surprise, I definitely had enough juice to allow this monster to slide into my wanting cunt.

Beth was now fucking me harder and harder, she slowed it down and manoeuvred of the bed until her pussy was over my face, I may be a beginner at this but Beth's pussy was smooth and beautiful, I ate it greedily as she lent forward and started to fuck my throbbing cunt as fast as she could, at the same time she began sucking on my clit. I could feel a familiar electrifying tightening feeling in my pussy, I screamed I was coming, this made Beth suck harder and fuck faster, my come flooded out past the dildo over the bed sheets, Beth started to lick all my cream up. I concentrated on her pussy, her juice was pouring out over my mouth and dribbling down my chin, my pussy was pulsating and twitching like I have never felt. Beth was now sitting up and I sucked on her clit, she leaned backwards and held onto the headboard and started to moan very loudly, shouting fuck, fuck I'm coming. I sucked and kept up with her gyrating, her thighs tensed and she went quiet, I am not sure if she squirted but my face and was soaked, and I had my first taste of a coming pussy, she stayed there for a couple of minutes, I could feel her lips twitch.

When we both finally came down, we just lay looking at each other, this had been her first time with a girl also, she had just imagined and dreamed how it would go and just went for it. We experimented a lot that evening, and came every time which had never happened with a man. In the morning there was no awkwardness, over coffee I asked Beth if she would be my partner for my massage exam the following weekend, she agreed and we both laughed, Beth said she would bring a surprise so for once I can't wait for an exam!!!
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